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Darted rhino mother nearly crushes her calf

Sometimes you have to drop the camera and help the wildlife!


Veterinarians and rangers from Thula Thula Game Reserve in South Africa perform the yearly rhino de-horning operation to deter poachers from killing the rhinos and stealing their horns.


This clip shows the drugged mother rhino instinctively wanting to protect her calf. In so doing she looks to fall on top of her calf... and she will crush, injure, or even kill her calf accidentally if that had to happen.

Elephant vs. Buffalo: Grumpy Elephant Chases Animals from Water Hole

Our footage on RoaringEarth with 1.3 Million views

Ben and Bennie on Ticktok.PNG

Ben gives water to Bennie

Benny the wild elephant bull has a long history at Elephant Sands.

Here he has come in from the wild for water, the only elephant who has this privilege.


Watch on TikTok @wild_moment


From the Crossroads of Giants elephant documentary series on Tiktok.

Send Elephants to Germany

Alistair worked with the ARD team to create this important story about Elephants in Botswana

Video: Botswana: 20,000 elephants for Germany
14.04.24 | 06:53 min.
The President of Botswana wants to send 20,000 elephants to Germany. As a protest against the species protection, which he considers to be exaggerated. Botswana sees the high stock of elephants as a threat to agriculture and people.

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