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Bad Man's Corner - A war camera in Liberia

Bad Man's Corner - 2nd Edition

Being in the eye of the storm is sometimes the safest place to be.


“Bad Man’s Corner” is a story by a frontline Cameraman risking all to chase down news for worldwide broadcast, and try stay alive and sane at the same time. It gives an on the ground, in the moment insight into gathering combat footage. Covering Liberia during the civil war as an International Journalist, you had to go the extra mile. Facing danger daily in the street battles, gun fights & shifting front lines of a city at war.

In this 2nd edition - with no images - the ebook is easier to read, easier to fit multiple ebook readers as it is text only.

It is also shorter, due to clip frames, graphics, maps, and photograph captions being removed. Some short stories at the end have been removed to make it more powerful and streamlined.    

Bad Man's corner Cameraman in a Liberian War

Bad Man's Corner - Cameraman in A Liberian War

The First Edition of Bad Man’s Corner is purposely visual. 

A way of properly documenting my complete experience covering the 1996 Liberian civil war. It is a fixed format ebook because that was appropriate for how I wanted the ebook design to be, and the easiest way to construct the ebook at the time. 


As an independent digital publisher I wanted to keep the design and layout exactly as I had intended. 


The plan with the first edition was to keep the publication an ebook. There was never any intention of going to print. 

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