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In the Crossroads of Giants


Episode 1 - Dancing with Elephants

Episode 1 tracks some challenges faced by a documentary filmmaker trying to save his action cameras from being stolen by
thirsty African elephant bulls.

The cameras are discarded by the elephants, then retrieved... repeatedly.
Cameras get repositioned by the elephants numerous times - and even thrown around.

Interaction with these wild giants leads to some delightful - and some downright dodgy elephant encounters.

This action-packed first episode offers overview and insight into the entire series. Elements of other episodes are woven in to explain elephant and human behaviour. With exclusive, unparalleled access, the viewer gets an eye-opening perspective into what takes place and why - at Elephant Sands Lodge in Botswana’s north east.

Baby Walking.jpg

Episode 2 - Baby Elephant

A baby elephant barely a week old gets separated from its mother and herd after a tragic accident in the wilds of northeastern Botswana.

Fortunately a number of truck drivers stopped to help - and before the day was out the baby elephant was handed over to Elephant Sands Lodge nearby.

We follow in this baby's footsteps and document what unfolds. A journey with highs and lows, with laughter, as well as a tear or two. 

Baby Walking.jpg
Hungry Baby_edited.jpg

Episode 3 - Baby Elephant

Part 2 - finds us in the campsite at Elephant Sands Lodge, with the baby elephant resting up after a busy morning dodging butterflies in the sunshine.

Tanya and Sheba the German Shepherd both keep a sharp eye on this tiny baby elephant.
We learn about baby elephants in the wild, how they grow, their behaviour, as well as some of their body parts and how they’re used.

Baby at Pan.png

Episode 4 - Baby Elephant

part 3 - finds us in the early morning sunshine with
a sleepy Baby who still manages to entertain lodge guests nevertheless.
Rynhardt answers questions before taking Baby to its boma to doctor some of
Baby’s small wounds sustained while it was still in the bush.
We find out that Baby has to leave Elephant Sands Lodge for good, with barely
enough time to say goodbye. Its upbringing, wellbeing and safety having been
entrusted to the organisation Elephants Without Borders, who are experienced
with elephant babies.
Heart wrenching for us but possibly a better option for the elephant baby’s
We see how an elephant family takes on the bulls at the lodge water point at
night. The babies being let in to drink while the adults argue over access to the
Rynhardt takes Baby to the house one last time to say goodbye to the dogs,
before meeting up with Tanya near the lodge pan to take baby for a swim.
Baby thoroughly enjoys the dip in the pan, before walking up to the Lodge
reception with Rynhardt and Tanya to depart with staff from Elephants Without

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