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Crossroads of Giants Series

An exciting, up close and personal wildlife series focussing on the African elephant in Botswana. Elephant herds have been migrating through Elephant Sands in the north east of the country for decades - as long as humans can remember. 

The vast, flat, dry region is unfenced and these giants pass through from as far afield as Zimbabwe and Namibia. The challenges - especially during the dry months from July to December - are massive because the elephants are many and food becomes scarce and water even more so. 

Filmed with an undaunted approach - over a number of years - by a former war Cameraman - the series reveals much about these gentle giants - as well as the people who try and help these migrating herds by providing water during the crucial months towards the end of every dry season. 

A revealing, moving, and eye opening insight into an iconic wild animal. You may never look at an African elephant in the same way again.

THUNDER - Elephant Sands Water Wars

Trailer for the feature documentary

Due for release in the Summer of 2024 / 25, this is a ground breaking expose into the challenges that take place every dry season in north east Botswana.


To get life saving water to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of migrating elephants - and other wildlife. With unprecedented, exclusive access, and filmed with an undaunted approach over 7 years, this film shows that in nature, in this part of Africa, it truly is a water war. Fought by people - to get water to the elephants; and fought by elephants - to get water to survive.

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